IOT Week Korea 2016

IoT Week Korea 2017 : October 10(Tue)~13(Fri), 2017

D-day 21

KR-OECD Digital Transformation Conference & Workshop

  • Date&Venue : October 10(Tue)~11(Wed) / COEX Conference Room #401, #402


October 10 (Tue): KR-OECD Workshops
(on Going Digital Project and AI, open to members only)
October 11 (Wed): 2017 KR-OECD Digital Transformation Conference (open to all)
and 2017 Digital Economy Outlook Publication Ceremony (open to all)

Who's invited

Local and foreign experts and related personnel (Workshops on Oct. 10 are closed to all but members)

Online Pre-Registraion

~ September 29(Fri), 2017



Date Time Program Speaker
10.10(Tue) 09:00~12:30 KR-OECD Going Digital Workshop
14:30~17:30 KR-OECD AI Workshop
10.11(Wed) 14:00~14:30 2017 DEO Publication and KR-OECD Digital Transformation Conference Opening Ceremony Opening Remark (NIA President)
Welcoming Remark(OECD)
Congratulatory Remarks (National Assembly Members,2ndVice-Minister of MSIT)
14:30~14:40 Coffee Break
14:40~15:10 Briefing on 2017 DEO Contents and the Special Edition Head of Digital Economy Policy of OECD
15:10~15:30 4th Industrial Revolution and Future Outlook Executive Director of Fraunhofer IAO
15:30~15:50 Going Digital for Growth and Welfare Director of OECD DSTI
15:50~16:10 Future Policies for the Intelligent Information Society Director General of MSIT
16:10~16:20 Coffee Break
16:20~16:40 Private Sector Efforts for the Digital Economy I (tentative) Head of Technology APAC Nokia
16:40~17:00 Private Sector Efforts for the Digital Economy II (tentative) Local business representative(KT)

Organized by

National Information Society Agency


Contacts Personnel TEL E-mail
National Information Society Agency Mr. Gyu-Yurb RHEE +82 53-230-1204