IOT Week Korea 2016

IoT Week Korea 2017 : October 10(Tue)~13(Fri), 2017

D-day -226

Event Overview


To experience various IoT companies’ product/services, as IoT is a core technology for Intelligence Information Society and Industry 4.0, and for the purpose of business promotion with consumers and market opening, IoT Week Korea will be held from October
10 to 13


Connecting/converging IoT with the 4th Industrial Revolution!!

  • Correspondence ▶ How are the government and public services corresponding to the 4th Industrial Revolution ?
  • Revolution ▶ How are the international/domestic ICT companies revolutionize their businesses in the 4th Industrial Revolution era ?
  • Cooperation ▶ How are the ICT companies and home appliance, automotive, construction, energy, steel, distribution and agricultural
    industry going to cooperate ?
  • Transition ▶ What changes are to be expected with the lives of the people and public for the upcoming intelligent information society ?

Join us from Oct 10 to 13, to be part of the 12 co-located events during
『IoT Week Korea 2017』 to find your answers about the 4th Industrial Revolution.